About us
Make your company conquer the world

Providing import, export operations and offering specialized international consulting, TRL facilitates the access to the international market for companies of all sizes.

With offices in Hong Kong, in Miami and headquarters situated in Santa Catarina (near the main Brazilian ports and airports), besides strategic partnerships in the customs and logistics area, TRL ensures operations with lower costs and greater agility. It also has a team of proven and acknowledged competence, ready to develop solutions suited to the requirements of your company.

TRL facilitates the international access to leveraging your business.

Import with TRL

  • Access to new products, resources and technologies;
  • Added value in production;
  • Increase in supply;
  • Advantages over the competition;
  • Possibility of benefitting from special regimes;
  • Independence from oscillations and seasonality of the domestic market;
  • Import with your own brand.

Export with TRL

  • Diversification of markets and acquisition of new clients;
  • Greater visibility of your brand;
  • Development of innovative products;
  • Independence from the oscillations of the domestic market;
  • Protection against domestic economic crises;
  • Increased business skills;
  • Reduced tax load and fiscal benefits.